About me

My name is Bee Skelton.  I live and work in Marlow, a town by the River Thames in England.  I was always going to be a painter, but it took many years for the passion to become fully focused. As a child I thought in pictures and as I got older began to realise I looked at everything with an artist's eye. Way back it wasn't just painting and drawing I enjoyed, but also a variety of crafts, which I also taught for a while and designed projects for needle craft magazines.

 In 2003 I began fine art studies, at the Cyprus College of art, then with the Open College of the Arts UK. My studies covered a wide variety of fine art techniques and I continue to work in many different styles. Through out it all I always return to my passion for portrait painting and landscape. It is what I love and I know it brings other people pleasure.

As an artist I'm inspired by the affection my clients have for the subjects they commission me to paint. Whether it is their child, partner, parent, family pet, home or a favourite place, the love is infectious and gets right into the picture as I paint.

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