About the artist

Bee Skelton
My studio work mainly involved portraiture for many years, alongside experimentation with mixed media when time allowed between commissions. These semi-abstract expressionist mixed media pieces were formed intuitively with many layers of fragmented painted papers and gloss resin.

My current practice is more direct and investigates ways to record and show fondness for places and people seen, imagined or remembered in a more direct manner.  I am attempting, as much as possible, to ignore the traditional art techniques and education absorbed over time, in an attempt to create pictures with a naive childlike clarity and colourful simplicity. 

You are welcome to Email me personally for information about any of my work or to discuss commissions and illustrations.

My studio and home is located in Marlow, a town by the River Thames in Buckinghamshire, England.  I lived on the island of Cyprus for many years and studied fine art at the Cyprus College of art, and with the Open College of the Arts UK. 

My paintings are in private collections in US, UK, Cyprus, mainland Europe, South Afica, Canada and Singapore.  

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