Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I can't actually remember the last time I painted with watercolours. I think I'm nervous of the technique. Not sure why, but always seems it needs more thinking about than the more forgiving acrylics or oils. You can alter things so easily with opaque pigments. With watercolour ... as far as I can work out, you get just one chance to get it right, which is far too stressful to my way of thinking. However, today I got brave and out came my tiny box of Winsor & Newton.

Last week's visit to Omodhos with Julie and the girls left me with fond memories and lots of digi pics to inspire more ACEOs. I struggled with the unfamilar medium, but hope to do better with practice.



Anonymous said...

Bee...this is so pretty. For watercolours being an unfamiliar medium you sure do look like a pro at it. will look forward to seeing more :o)

Francesca said...

Bee this is lovely and delicate, you've captured the bright light really well. I spent years telling myself I couldn't paint because I was scared to, but now I love my watercolours! Keep at it :D

Bee said...

Thank you for your encouragement Francesca. It's strange how we get bogged down with what we think we can't do.