Friday, September 08, 2006


Here in Cyprus, Omodhos is a pretty village in a valley halfway up into the Troodos mountains. As you'd expect, the buildings are stone-built in the traditional Greek style. Some are rendered and white-washed, others are left showing the lovely old stone. The villagers are very proud of their beautifully maintained homes, and every frontage is bedecked with blooming pots and climbing vines. Mininiature paintings ACEO size 2.5 x 3.5 inches. SOLD
Inevitably such a little gem attracts tourists, and many locals have converted their homes to include a shop where they invite you to buy their handmade embroidery and jewellery. One enterprising entrepreneur has opened his space as a 'free to enter' museum. On leaving he offers to sell you a bottle of village wine ... who could possibly refuse :-)

Whenever I go to the village, which is usually in the summer, I'm surprised and delighted that visitor numbers are not huge, though I don't think the villagers would share my enthusiasm. The narrow streets are quiet enough to
explore every corner and there's no problem finding a free table at the taverna.

The entrance to the stained-glass artist's gallery inspired one of these ACEO paintings. On this visit he was away in Paphos, but his assistant, a chatty german lady, brought me upto date with the latest news. Particularly about his cats! From his point of view he had a lucky escape, as if he'd been there I would have bent his ear! I know from earlier visits, that he refuses to have his cats neutered, and one of his females is now apparently half dead after continual pregnancies!!


Anonymous said...

Another gorgeous piece. I loved reading about the village.

Judy Scott said...

what a beautiful post, these atcs are so lovely and you can just imagine you're there and the tale behind them is so good, Jude x