Saturday, November 25, 2006


This method of making jewellery is one I've been using for some time. It involves drawing/painting/printing a design several times. Each element/layer is then cut to gradually diminishing sizes, with a full size design positioned front and back. Then I construct a skeleton, as required, made from gold plated or sterling silver jewellery wire, which is then sandwiched in the middle, and the design built up one layer at a time. The different sized layers create a curved slightly domed effect.

It's not a technique to use if you are in a hurry. From 3 to 6 layers of lacquer are then applied to both the front and back of the pieces, allowing several hours drying time between each application. This has to be done one side at a time, and repeated, as the lacquer would run if the piece was hung vertically.

I drew and painted the earthy coloured geometric earring design, before scanning and making up as above with freshwater pearls and irridescent star beads. The red and green earrings/pendant feature a design inspired by the Glasgow School of Art/Rennie MacIntosh. Completed with glass and metallic gold beads and genuine peridot semi precious gemstones.


Anonymous said...

these are so gorgeous and the colours are really beautiful. What a long time they take to make but really worth it, Jx

Bee said...

Thanks Judy. Yes you're right, really labour intensive. But as you can create whatever design you like, and are not just stuck with the bits available in bead shops, it's worth the effort. Glad you had such a great time in Australia. Take care Hugs Bee