Saturday, December 02, 2006


Knitting yarn suppliers are a bit thin on the ground in the Limassol area, so out with my girl friends last week I pounced on this Wendy Chic eyelash yarn that we found in Zaco. I chose the Renoir colourway and Barbara went for the Bellini.

It was so quick! 6.5 mm needles and 21 stitches all purl turned 2 x 50gm balls into a luscious scarf in just two evenings... seen here draped over my baby lemon tree. Barbara is trying massive 12 mm needles and 19 stitches, to make a short cravat length scarf with just one ball.

Finished knitting the shawl during the week, just need to make myself do the fringing. Should really have given it more thought, as a simple crochet finish would be better I think .... but there's no way I'm driving myself crazy sewing in all those ends, so they are going to have to be hidden as part of a fringe.

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