Thursday, January 25, 2007

DAY 25 Project 365

Carole and I went to the Morfi Gallery this morning to see the Giorgos Koumouros exhibition. It looked like a non-starter to begin with, as the gallery was firmly locked when we arrived, despite opening hours info to the contrary on their website. Not to be put off, we rang the gallery owner, who apologised, directed us to the old tailor next door and miraculously a key was found. This could only happen in Cyprus! What a brilliant experience .... we had the whole of the gallery to ourselves and looked, discussed and wandered to our hearts content.

Initially we were disappointed that the colours were more low key than we been led to expect from the vivid images we had seen on the website. However, we ignored our preconceptions and ultimately decided we still liked the paintings very much.

Another highlight of today, was realising that not only does Carole have similar interests to myself, but she's also just as slightly crazy and into 'found' objects! Along the street from the gallery, we spied a skip brimming with throwaways, including this old Revlon advertising board, now being admired by Sally. It could be just the image to include as part of a large painted canvas I'm planning . Carole hauled away an even more magnificent Lancaster cosmetics board, still in it's original plastic wrapper, which will look amazing on the high walls of her eclectically furnished apartment in the old town. We then met up with the rest of the girls, who just didn't get it and were distinctly underwhelmed with our 'exciting' acquisitions. Carole and I just couldn't keep our faces straight LOL!

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