Tuesday, January 30, 2007

DAY 30 Project 365

I normally time haircuts for the girls when the weather is reasonably warm. Some how this time the schedule got a bit bent out of shape, and even though it's the coldest time of year, something had to be done. So today I got out the clippers.

Sally, first for the chop, was a brave little soldier, though she did shiver a little. I wish I knew how to spin ... just look at all that fibre!

Here she is in her new handknitted cardigan. To preserve her 'street cred' ... it's strictly for after-dark chilly evening wear, until she gets some regrowth . When I took this pic, I swear the other girls stood behind me sniggering! Little do they know, but my knitting needles will be clicking again tonight, with Teddy and Chou next in line. Daisy is sauntering around with a smug look on her shorthaired face.... no haircut, no silly sweater ... Phew!

If you really want to inflict this garment on your pooch, you can find the pattern here ;-)

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