Tuesday, January 09, 2007

DAY 9 Project 365

Just snapped this bright rockery clump on the back terrace, while the flowers were still wide open. The sunshine there will be shaded by the house in a few minutes, and already through the studio window, I can see the petals beginning to close.

These showy daisies (not a clue what they're called here) are the result of a single sprig I snaffled from John and Jenny's garden on Christmas Day 2005. There are lots of rocks on the back hillside that would benefit from a little embellishment .... so I think tomorrow morning I'll spread a few more sprigs around.


Wibbo said...

Looks like mesenbryanthemum to me - my Dad used to grow them!

Bee said...

I thought you would know and I think you're probably right...maybe some variety of those. We used to grow them from seed too when I was a kid, and they came in lots of colours. Only difference I can see, is that those had plump oval/round leaves, whereas these leaves are like plump stubby fingers.