Saturday, February 03, 2007

DAY 34 Project 365

This is a 'blast from the past' in more ways than one. Found it when sorting through some stuff in the studio. It was one of my first commissions for a craft magazine publisher in my other life as a needlework project designer

I seem to remember, the theme of the brief was Victorian Berlin woolwork. The editor had my design made into a purse for the photoshoot (top). In those days, few people used the internet, and design briefs used to arrive by post, complete with tear-sheet source material and a whole month before deadline! Happy days :-)

3 comments: said...

Hallo Bee
thank you for the message and the links! I always follow up such things and am so pleased that I did .... I find your site delightful!

Bright, cheerful and full of interesting things. I love your art and crafts, and Ian's paintings are just wonderful (is that your husband?)If so how lovely to have a partner who shares your love of art (mine is a complete Philistine, bless him!)

I shall put your site on my roll and a reciprocal link on my blog.

What a pleasure to wake up to your message this Sunday morning Down-under!

Bee said...

Thank you Lesly! Actually Ian is my eldest son :-) My husband is known as H ... he pops up in my blog on a regular basis too. He's a dab-hand at making easels ... but so far that's his ownly claim to artistic fame ;-)

Judy Scott said...

what a beauty ~ how clever to design these and gorgeous colours, Jude xx