Friday, February 09, 2007

DAY 40 Project 365

Cyprus has a wealth of wild flowers, some of which I'm lucky enough to see when out walking the dogs on the hills.

I'm not a botanist, so am having to rely on books and the net. Any experts looking, please confirm if you can, but I think this is a Giant Orchid (Barlia robertiana). It's one of just two flowering 50 yards from the house by the track. They are the first I've seen this year, but I expect to see many more in the next few days.


ian gordon said...

Beautiful, - and so much nicer than snow!

Bee said...

There's plenty of the white stuff on the Troodos mountains here. We're much lower down near the coast and it's a very pleasant 18C today ....sorry to rub it in Ian, couldn't resist ;-)