Monday, February 12, 2007

DAY 43 Project 365

Acrylic on Lefranc & Bourgeouis stretched canvas, size 30cm wide x 40cm long x 3.5cm deep (11.75in x 15.75in x 1.5in deep).


ian gordon said...

Well done Bee. That'll be treasured I'm sure amongst the family.

So much more personal than a photograph.

When painting people i always use photographs as an aid. (What was good enough for Gauguin or Hockney is good enough for me!) But I find I do need to know them also if their character is to shine through.

Bee said...

I wish it was always possible to know, or atleast meet, portrait subjects personally, and of course your absolutely right, this would be ideal. For a variety of reasons it isn't always the case. Distances between person and artist can be a problem, then again there are sometimes sadder reasons why a person is nolonger available. The next portrait I have planned is such a case. It feels like a huge responsibility, and I just hope I can do a good job and give maybe a little comfort to the family involved.