Friday, February 23, 2007

DAY 53 Project 365

Thanks Lisa for the series suggestion .... April to be followed by the other 11 months. I'm enjoying this style and especially the use of more vivid colouring and would like to do more of it. But think I'm too much of a butterfly at the moment to do a series that long ... but who knows. Any way, I've decided for now the quirky girl sketches will become a Four Seasons series. So April has now been re-named Spring. Here is the Summer sketch. Work in progress tomorrow.


ian gordon said...

Hi Bee,

I've just been doing catch-ups looking through your projects.

Etsy is one of the sites I have in mind for a few (hopefully!) side line sales. I do end up with a lot of sketches, drawings, water colours, etc., that just get put away, but that I'd much rather let go for a few pounds.

I've not been impressed by e-bay. I do sell quite a few collectors items there quite successfully (nothing to do with art); but where small paintiongs are concerned I think people seem to expect them for free. So I'm encouraged to see etsy mentioned here.

Another site is Do you have any knowledge of that one? It does seem a bit more like a gallery than a shop.... Etsy looks a bit more suitable.

Bee said...

Hi Ian. I'm not a particular fan of Ebay either, though I know people who sell art very well on there. Think like everywhere else it takes time to set up a following of people. I'm new to Etsy so have limited experience. However, I like the fact that the captive clientele, so to speak, are already people you know are appreciative of creative items. The shop is free and only 20c per item for 4 months, which isn't bad. Having said that, by researching what sells well, it has to be said that original art is way down the list in popularity on Etsy, handmade jewellery and folk crafts of various kinds being more popular. Price is definitely a factor also, and think I'm only going to put small format low priced items in my shop. I was surprised to find that other people's prints sell reasonably well ... might be worth investigating. I certainly think it's worth you giving Etsy a go Ian. Let me know if you do, and I'll check out your shop :-) Might even buy something ;-)

I'm not familiar with but went for a look. Not sure I like the style of the site.

I was impressed with the site where Lisa Lorenz sells prints as you can see it's a set-up called ImageKind. When I get a minute I thought I might check that out as the Four Season series I'm working on just now, could turn out to be a suitable subject.
Good to hear from you. Bee

ian gordon said...

Thanks Bee.

I think it's a good idea to have a few less "intense" (for want of a better word!) items on the side. If it only pays for a few tubes of paint it's something.

Cheers for now.