Monday, February 26, 2007

DAY 56 Project 365

Not much artwork today. Met a friend in town for chat/shopping/lunch and paid a visit to Panayiotis my lovely canvas/frame maker. He's going to make me a dozen gallery wrapped canvases at a very good price, so he's my hero just now.

Today's pic was a toss up between a wildflower, of which there are plenty just now, and a genuine snake skin handbag in mint condition, that I picked up in a thrift shop earlier. The bag is just beeeuuutiful and I think it might sneak into the sketchbook, as snakes do. But that's for later. As I didn't have a lot of time, I nipped out into the fields with my camera... and so today the Crown Daisy wins!

The Crown Daisy, also known as 'Lazaros' in Cyprus, because traditionally the villagers pick the flowers on St. Lazarus Day for dyeing hard boiled eggs yellow in preparation for Easter. I've also realised it can be used for dyeing yarn. Also some villagers make an infusion of the flower heads to treat intestinal complaints and the oil from the plant can be used for skin complaints and rheumatism .... it says in the book :-)


Anonymous said...

darling? have you any cash to give me?

Not much, but I give her all I have with me. Well, I am a loving husband and she needs money for parking etc etc......

Ha. What does she do!!!!!

Buys yet another handbag. I bet its plastic fake and she never noticed. Poor crocodile

Bee said...

LOL Oops looks like I've been rumbled! Hello my darling husband... thank you for your generosity :-)) I'll take it out of the wardrobe where I hid it and show it to you later ROFL