Thursday, March 01, 2007

DAY 59 Project 365

Carole and I had another mooch around Limassol old town this morning, to soak up more artsy places. Considering Cyprus is such a small country, the amount of art on show is amazing.

Popped into Dino's Art Cafe to see the exhibition of new work by Katie Sabry and Kelly Norman. The private viewing for the next exhibition by Raymond Wilson and Michael Turner is next Monday night, so may drag H along. Brought a copy of the very yummy menu away with me, in case he needs any persuasion :-)

Around the corner from Dino's is the studio of Theodosis Theodosiou, who is primarily a painter of icons. Today he was working on a wooden bowl and panel, which he was beautifully illuminating with an image of Agia Barbara and Agios Nicholaos. He was showing us how he mixes the traditional egg tempera and powdered pigment. We were intrigued to see he adds vinegar to the beaten egg ... top tip! Theodosis has some work in the Angels exhibition currently at Gallery K in Nicosia

Here's a pic of the old mosque at the west end of St Andrews St near Dino's Art Cafe and Theodosis studio.

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