Saturday, March 03, 2007

DAY 61 Project 365

Here is a snap of part of the track where I walk the girls.

I have a whole stack of wildflower pics waiting to be posted, that I've taken when out with the 'girls'. When I began keeping a record of these beauties I thought it might be interesting to upload them on the day I first see them. But there are just so many, and they are coming so thick and fast, I just can't keep up.

Most visitors to the island, come in the summer by which time the wild flowers are mostly long gone and the countryside is frazzled to a crisp by the sun. In some ways this is sad, but on the other hand the lack of mass tramping feet does it's part in helping to preserve habitats, just so long as the developers stay away. I live in dread of waking one morning to the chug-a-lug of a JCB on our beautiful mountain :-(

Here is a Tassel Hyacinth one of thousands now blooming in the fields adjacent to the house. The bulbs are antiseptic and are thought to have healing qualities. Some villagers eat the bulbs and it's believed that they lower cholesterol levels. A book I have, The Floral Charm of Cyprus by Valerie Sinclair published in 1992, has them down as blooming in April. I saw the first one about 2 weeks ago, so not sure what this says about global warming.

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