Wednesday, March 07, 2007

DAY 65 Project 365

Beautiful spring day. Some village women are in the field opposite gathering bags full of wild leaves. They told me they were good to eat...Poli kala! But the name they gave them, completely escaped me. I may go for a mooch right on top of the hill today, and see if I can search out some wild asparagas. It hides under the bushes ... a bit thin and spindley but such a treat. They share the rocky scrubland with vipers ... but hoping they still think it's winter and are asleep.

I think the pretty pink flower is a type of Salsify or Vegetable Oyster/Purple Goatsbeard. Again the villagers have a good use for it, as a vegetable and to flavour salads. Both its tap root and leaves are edible.

Now I've got the quirky girl series out of my system, today I'll go back to working on the blue canvas.


Judy Scott said...

Hi Bee,
thankyou for your constant support, xxxx Did you make it to the top? It looks so beautiful there. Jude xx

Bee said...

Hi Jude,
got involved with the blue canvas, but hopefully will climb up the rocks later. The very top is behind our house and I can see it through the studio window. Will try to remember to take a pic. Hope things positive where you are. Hugs Bee

Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures Bee