Thursday, March 15, 2007

DAY 73 Project 365

Still a work in progress but am feeling more comfortable with this painting now.

It has been interesting. I started by selecting from a stack of what I call 'painted notes' ... (they don't even qualify to be sketches) that I made in and around the Limassol Studios a couple of years ago. For this piece I thought they were sufficiently abstract to make the start I wanted. As I worked, naturally my thoughts and feelings got painted in, so that now no matter what other people see, the painting has special meaning for me and is hardly abstract at all .... I like that.


Lisa said...

This is gorgeous..beauitful composition and mix of colours.

leslyf said...

This is a lovely painting, Bee! And so interesting to see it develop too.

Your blog continues to be a shining example of energy and enthusiasm ... well done you.

Bee said...

Hi Lisa and Lesly, thanks very much. In the end I called this painting done as it is. I've got a much larger canvas underpainted ready for another abstract .... but think it might have to wait for a while, as we have visitors arriving. The colours of the next one will be more subdued I think.