Tuesday, March 20, 2007

DAY 78 Project 365

There's something about a large piece of paper, a stick of charcoal and a lump of putty rubber. I think it's probably to do with being able to get something done quickly and in any case, it's a brill excuse to get messy!


ian gordon said...

nice drawing. and a timely reminder, i really must get a new LARGE sketchpad.

I certainly need to make more time for straight forward observational drawing. It's still really my first love, but one sometimes feels obliged to put the hours in on the paints and canvas and neglest what is after all the backbone of art.

Bee said...

I know what you mean Ian, it's refreshing to get back to basics. No day feels quite right unless I've drawn/painted/made something ... but this covers a whole lot of everything...and though I suppose I'm pretty obsessive, I'm also quite laid back and am still playing at being a student. I'm in such awe of your magnificent output that is consistently of such a high finished quality.