Friday, March 30, 2007

DAY 87 Project 365

Went with S & J into Limassol yesterday and while they were doing their thing, I shot off to the art shop for a new big brush, having singed my other favourite one (don't ask). Also needed some Paynes Gray acrylic paint as my current tube is gunged up and useless unless I continually stick cocktail sticks down its neck. I'm gradually changing over to jars with big lids, which are so much less trouble. Found some other yummy colours, so had to have those too! Permanent Rose, Burnt Rose, Indanthrene Blue, Red Iron Oxide .... doesn't just the sound of them make you want to paint!

I then schlepped off down the back streets looking for a particular bookshop, and bumped into Constantinos Constantinides' studio/gallery. He's tucked away on Megalou Alexandrou (Alexander the Great Street) and a very impressive setup he's got there. His well equipped studio is fab, with lots of natural light from his garden at the rear. I watched him working on a large hotel commission while chewing the fat on the Cyprus art scene in general. Contantinos is a straight forward kinda guy and has strong opinions that he likes to share. I like him. In the end I was late for my lunch meeting with Steph & Jamie, but will return probably with Carole for a longer look at his ceramics, monoprints and paintings. Never did find the bookshop.


ian gordon said...

I don't think I posted this on my blog, but there was a fabulous programme on the TV a couple of days ago in which Rolf Harris hosted a "competition" involving 3 portrait painters painting barbara Winsor. The results were amazing, and listening to the artists I learnt a lot more about acrylics. Definately got to get involved with them, I think they may suit me more.

Bee said...

Hi Ian thanks for dropping by. I wish I had seen that particular Rolf Harris programme. Was it on one of the channels that do repeats perhaps? I must admit I love working with acrylics, even though I love the smell and consistency of oils and the way you can push them around. However, for me the fact that you can work over acrylics so quickly with so little drying time is hard to beat. And so versatile ... if you want to slow dry time down, you can with retardents, plus lots of interesting gels, mediums and texture gunk to throw in too.