Monday, April 30, 2007

INSIDE OUT Enough already!

Acrylic & collage painting on canvas
Size 2' 7in x 2' 1 in (80cm x 63cm)

OK this time I promise it's finished :-)

As you can see I've simplified and altered the bottom horizontal section and the motifs that link to it from the left. Feel much better about it now. On Thursday hopefully I'll get a chance to take it to Panyiodis for him to float it in a deep flat charcoal coloured frame, similar to the one below. Inside Out it much bigger, so will look different with the same width of frame, but I think it will work.


Viv King said...

Hi Bee - I love this work of yours - has a sort of Matisse- feel. I enjoy your blog and a glimpse of Cyprus life - very interesting!

Bee Skelton said...

Thanks for popping by Viv and for the comments. Matisse ... I wish! Nice of you to say though :-)