Wednesday, April 25, 2007

INSIDE OUT Work in Progress 4

Hummmm ..... may be another one or two sessions needed on this.


ian gordon said...

I really, really like this one.

I've been flipping down to your "thought sketch", which now seems to be in the middle here. I like the way you've developed the composition; the way the four panels divide the space across which the two figures relate. The colours ( as usual) are very fresh and adventurous. A bit Matisse-like. (A good thing). And the deepening in tones in this final stage (?) has really made a difference.

Good stuff.

I'm acrylics bound on my next three works - that is if I don't chicken out!

Bee Skelton said...

I can't tell you how much I value your comments Ian. For some months I've been playing around with style, as I think you know. It's early days, but at long last I think I've found a direction to focus on ... this is the second canvas where I feel a few things beginning to click. Your pupils were lucky people ... bet they hung on your every word ... I know I do :-)