Saturday, May 26, 2007

Life Drawing

The pose at todays life class was tough, atleast it was from my position. The foreshortening of legs is so tricky. I don't think I nailed the upper body either ... it doesn't recede enough, and looking at it now I think it might have helped to reduce the tones on the head and the shadows behind it. Also the lines and tones of the arms and chair are too strong. Ah well ... there's always next week ... try try try again.

Incidentally, if there are other Cyprus based artists looking from the Limassol area, and you would like to get involved with this Saturday class, do please get in touch.


jafabrit said...

Proportionally you did a great job, and I love the legs but yes, what a tough angle to draw. I agree with your general assessment and I am not quite sure how you could tweak it. Softer around the neck and head, but maybe also softer broken lines on her arms, and maybe a touch darker modeling under her bosom and torso.
Great drawing overall though.

Bee Skelton said...

Thanks for the crit Jafabrit it's really good to have that kind of feedback ... much appreciated. Your suggestion 'softer broken lines on her arms' etc would be much better. This one taught me alot. I may try to tweak it, but maybe I'll leave it as is, to remind me for next time. Bee


i enjoy your drawing very much!


Bee Skelton said...

R. Thank you very much for visiting and the generous comment. A Collage A Day ... what a great idea! Your work looks very interesting.