Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Monotype Landscape

I've been mostly working on the portrait project today. Just time for a tiny, loose abstract watercolour monotype landscape, which I finished off with watercolour pencils and Pentel water brush. 4 x 5 ins including white border.


ian gordon said...

Wow, you've certainly been busy. Everytime I come back here I find lots to catch up on.

I'm loving these acrylics, and in fact I can't see me going back to oils in the near future. I think the thing is to select the right medium for the project in hand.

But they've certainly helped me improve on a few things.

Do you varnish your acrylics? I've never varnished my oils, but I do wonder if the acrylic surface, especially where a few layers have been applied, is quite as robust.

Bee Skelton said...

Hi Ian I'm very excited to see your pub gig painting developing with the acrylics. I may be mistaken but do I detect some colour experimentation. Whatever it is ... looks goooooood!! Yes I do varnish. I use a gloss spray by Lefranc & Bourgeois ... that's not to say there's anything wrong with any other ... it's the only one I've tried. They do a matt version too. Actually I've never had a problem with acrylic being unstable in any sense ... but I do like the extra vividness that the varnish creates. Bursting to see the next stage of your painting.

Cream said...

Beautiful colours, Bee!
Enjoying the tips.

Bee Skelton said...

Thanks Cream. I should be concentrating on the portrait commission, which takes alot of focus. So it's fun and relaxing to do something smaller and less precise in any spare minutes. I can relate to point 3 on your recent blog post ... just hate to think I've wasted even one second that could have been used creatively. Can think of much worse obsessions thank goodness ;-)

ian gordon said...

Thanks for the varnish advice Bee. I've been picking Mr Zip's brains too, and it seems you're in broad agreement.

I'll have to do a few little test I think.

Couldn't do any painting today 'cos of family obligations, but I'm REALLY exited about the way this one's going.

Fernando Olmos said...

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I'll keep in touch to link you, okay?
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Bee Skelton said...

Thank you Fernando. Your blog made me wish that I could understand Spanish but I was grateful and fascinated by your posts in English ... especially your take on Hilary Clinton and her chances of Democratic selection and onward Presidential goals. Best wishess, Bee

Neda said...

Bee! 7 days and counting.. we need our bee artsy fix. Aren't you going to share with us??? Don't be selfish, we NEEEEED you. You're an inspiration...okay..okay...just a scrap of painting will do. Waiting from across the Atlantic avidly :)

Bee Skelton said...

LOL I'm almost back. I finished the portrait yesterday so will get back to normal from today. I've missed the daily smaller paintings ... the posting on blogs and intereaction with y'all on here and emails. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible ... as the dear old Beep (British Broadcasting Corporation)used to say ;-)