Sunday, May 06, 2007


A street alongside the new university construction site in Limassol old town was buzzing with 'streetlife' yesterday, organized by Seems like 'happenings' are happenin everywhere ... you're right Neda.
A throbbing beat from the street DJ set the atmosphere and this enthusiastic newly formed group look more than capable of energising other locals with their positive aims. Their motto is a simple formula:
Conscience + Cooperation + Community + Synergy + Action = Syn-ergio
They believe the use of artistic, creative, original, aesthetic, educational and evocative events and projects inspires people, develops their potential, is satisfying and develops social ties.
Can't argue with that.
There were opportunities to take part in grafitti, pavement mosaic and many other art installations on or around the building site boardings ...and yes, that is a mosaic armchair! Come September the uni building will be finished and most of the art will disappear. However hopefully yesterday will have struck the spark to ignite the synergy + action for many more 'happenings'!


Neda said...

I love these street art festivals. Did you participate? Tell us more :)

Bee Skelton said...

My friend, Carole and I, joined others painting motifs on pebbles for the pavement mosaic and offered words for inclusion on the boards. My choice 'tolerance'. We've only recently discovered the group, but were happy to sign up to learn more. We actually also made a useful contact. A Brit artist is part of the group and we learned of some life classes that we may well join. It's 3 years since I did any life drawing, and rusty is NOT the word!