Friday, May 18, 2007

To Life Update

It's sort of finished, but sorry.... I forgot to take pics other than this one. The whole thing was re-worked several times with layers of acrylic paint, irridescent inks and additional motifs cut from thin paint smothered parchment, which had previously been used on my palettes. Another case of my waste not want not obsession, but in painterly terms, the main reason is that the accidental effects of these merged and mixed colours are just glorious.

Not abstract, of course, but it does have some abstract qualities. There's a big bit of me that wants to remove the flower and make it completely abstract or atleast less pretty! Hmmm will give it the passing stare treatment and decide what to do later. Comments as always are very welcome.

Update of update ... final version. Ok ... I couldn't leave it alone. Now I'm happy.


leslyf said...

hi Bee dear

so you should be happy with it now! ... its FAB!

But OH DEAR I just tried to look at your blog via your URL link on my blog and it took over 5 minutes to load and I was still waiting! You have every post of yours available and they ALL have to load plus ALL the photos before one can leave a comment anywhere! I think that this will put visitors off a bit ... so thought I'd better tell you.

In the end I gave up and got to this post via my Bloglines account like I usually do. Perhaps you should consider limiting the number of posts showing on your main page in the Settings?

Anyhow, I wanted to tell you that you have been tagged HERE! Hope you will come out to play!


Bee Skelton said...

Thanks very much for the heads-up about the blog loading. Hopefully I've fixed it by reducing it to just 31 posts per page. Could you please let me know if it's better now? I'm so gratefu you told me ... it could have been like that for ever and I would have been none the wiser :-) Thank you for the nice comment about To Life also. I'll have a look at the tag thingy. Jan at Wibbos Words has tagged me too ... so it might have to be two birds one stone.

Neda, if you're looking ... Blogger ate your comment when I was trying to moderate it. But I've sent you an email about the arabic script. And yes please, if you can help with it, that would be terrific!

Hugs to you both :-)

tigergirl said...

That painting is gorgeous - I like the final version better too (but then, I am always drawn to orange)

Neda said...

Bee, I hope you got my email. If not, I will re-send it. XXX

Bee Skelton said...

Tigergirl... thanks for visiting and the comment. Strange how a painting develops ... you feel when it's wrong... and hopefully know when to stop when it starts to be right :-)

Neda.... thank you very much, the script if beeeautiful! So elegant and curvy ... I will definitely use it.


Cream said...

Hi, Bee, here is life in Arabic. It is pronounced Hayat. حياة
Great paiting!

Bee Skelton said...

Thank you Cream ... the roman alphabet looks so boring compared with this ;-)

Philip said...

I think it would be good to try this as a complete abstract - you seem to be working up to it somehow!!

Lisa said...

Hi Bee, this is goregours..I love the colors and textures. It just illuminates on my screen! Way to go. xoxo Lisa

Walker said...

Love this painting, Bee.