Monday, August 20, 2007

SEPTEMBER Birthday Girl

Looks like I've been tagged again :) Hi Lora! Would you mind if I cheated and pointed to my previously disclosed secrets.

Lora is my neighbour on the Etsy Sellers Who Blog ring and not only does she make fabulous jewellery, but has a fascinatingly entertaining blog :)

Meet SEPTEMBER Birthday Girl. Hoping to get this Belle Epoque fest out of my system before getting back to painting.


yours truly said...

Bee ... don't mind at all if you use your old list ... it's hard to find new folks who haven't been tagged! A challenge! Maybe we should have a little note in the upper righthand corner of our blogs ... last tagged ... something ...

Your September birthday girl's fabulous!


yours truly said...

I had to read your old post of "things" and it was great. I hate to talk on the phone big time, but probably due to shyness. I don't find your aversion to shipwrecks odd. I love the sea but won't go out on a boat to what I call "big water" ... I've got to see land, as I'm a good swimmer. Needless to say, most cruises are out in my future!

BTW... did you finally get to cook your coq au vin or tart tatin?


Bee Skelton said...

Thanks Lora! Working on Oct/Nov/Dec Birthday Girl pendants just now.

Yep large amounts of water need respect ... I prefer mine with soap ;)

Actually the first meal I cooked for my husband when we first met, was my variation on the classic coq au vin :) Not in any recipe book I've come across, but he seemed to like it ;)