Thursday, September 20, 2007

BLUE EYE Brooch Pin wearable art Item 55

If you've been popping into my blog for a while now, you may remember the series of Eye ACEO miniatures I did last year. Well it looks like the fixation is back again! Goodness knows why. A psychologist would probably have a great time explaining it ... but who cares.

This 'eye catching' brooch pin is created using free-form crochet, hand stitching and features a striking hand-painted EYE embellishment. It measures approximately 3 inches across (7.5 cms approx) I've used cotton threads, felt and wood. The eye has been painted onto a lozenge shaped piece of wood with a glossy layer of lacquer for protection. The whole piece is backed with red felt complete with a securable pin fastener.
I like it's Off the Wall look! .... Black Lashes and Eyebrow, Warm Flesh & Tanned tones set with cool Ivory, White and those Deep Glistening Blue Eyes! This item is unique and one-of-a-kind. Instead of giving my wearable art individual descriptive titles I've decided to number them as the simplest way of identification. It won't be possible to repeat them exactly, though I will do my best to create custom pieces to specific requirements when requested.

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