Sunday, September 23, 2007

CUFF BRACELET wearable art Item 57

This Cuff Bracelet is created using free-form crochet, hand stitched applique and hand-painted embellishments.
I've used cotton threads, pure silk fabric in ivory and some subtly shot with terracotta/purple, tiny printed cotton patches, metallic/irridescent glass beads,vintage buttons and other embellishments. There are two main motifs, one of which slips through a buttonhole to create the fastening for the bracelet.
The look is so luscious! .... Pastel threads of Warm Blue, Peachy Pink, Softest Mellow Yellow, Coffee and Cool Watermelon combine perfectly with the tiny cotton prints in similar colours. I've made and painted plastic shapes which have been applied to the cotton print and silk features, together with vintage buttons in raspberry, pearl and gilt. All finished off with a multi-coloured metallic and irridescent glass beads!
The construction of the bracelet is stretchy, which makes it very flexible for fitting wrists of various sizes. If you have any doubt, please contact me with your wrist size and I will be glad to let you know whether it will fit. It is 2 1/2 inches deep approx. (60 cm approx)


yours truly said...

Okay, Bee ... I've just got to say about the bracelet ... extreme coolness here. I love it! How beautiful, neat and really, really different! tsk, tsk...And she crochet's too! Everytime I drop by I get a treat. Thank you!


Bee Skelton said...

Shucks Lora ... you're making me blush ;O These crochet projects are keeping my mind off my back. Paintings out for now. Great to see you popping by. Hugs Bee