Sunday, September 30, 2007

CHOKER NECKLACE POUCH wearable art Item 60

This Choker Necklace is also a Pouch to keep little treasures or maybe even emergency cash on a night out! It is also double-sided, with a totally different look on both sides.

I used hand embroidery/stitching and free-form crochet techniques. The Pouch on one side features a cotton print, embellished with gold sequins and hand embroidery. The other side features Red felt with a hand crocheted roundel. It is also lined with red felt and the whole piece is ready to wear on a black leather thong with gold plated fastener.

The colours are pretty exotic! .... Bright Red, Hot Pink, Warm Saffron, Burnt Burgundy and Cool Deep-Sea Greenish Grey. The Pouch measures 4 ins x 2 1/2 ins (10cm x 6cm approx)and the leather choker is 14 1/2 inches long (37 cms)


yours truly said...

Wow, Bee ... you've done it again! Made the cutest thing! Oh ... you tagged me, too! Will it be okay if I use the same info from last time? BTW,how are you lately? Still on the mend? I'm sending healing thoughts your way...


Bee Skelton said...

Sorry Lora ... I forgot that already tagged you ... brain fade! I'm getting there with the back thank you. Hopefully another few weeks will make a lot of difference. Thank you for the healing thoughts :)