Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Lhasa Apso

original dog portrait
2 1/2ins x 3 1/2ins
Watercolour and acrylic painting on 140lb acid free paper.

The blog has been a bit short on personal stuff recently. Don't believe in spreading misery if I can help it. But this week I'm feeling more positive, my back pain is easier to cope with. Last Friday I drove my car... first time in ages. I really was becoming stir crazy. To celebrate I'm off to town on Thursday to meet Carole for an art mooch and lunch. YAY!


Jafabrit said...

the eyes on this one are great, very penetrating.

Hope you had a nice art mooch and lunch :)

Bee Skelton said...

Thanks JB. Actually this one has been bothering me. I'm not happy with the right eye ... I'm going fix it later today.

Yeah had a great time... felt like a convict that'd been let out of clink! Ordered some new canvases and we chewed the fat over pasta and white wine. Nice:) Pity we can't do cyber girlie lunches ... you'd definitely be invited ;))