Friday, November 16, 2007

Studio BoBo

The weather here in Cyprus has cooled a bit over the last week. Bobo has decided winter has arrived and seems set on taking over the studio. He's found a cosy spot in one of the storage drawers.

We found Bobo (Beau is his posh name) along with his sister Bella in a plastic supermarket bag by the roadside 3 years ago. They were tiny scraps and both fitted on the palm of my hand at the time. Severely mal-nourished and with eye infections, we fed them with hyperdermic syringes and the vet did his best to help us save their eyes. Sadly Bobo lost the sight in his left eye but is otherwise just fine now. Don't feel too sorry for him .... he can spot and pounce on a lizard quicker than any cat I've ever seen.


ArtMind said...

Isn't it just amazing where cats go to sleep? Ours finds the most crazy spots in our house - so fun!
And I think you're a darling saving these cats! :)

Bee Skelton said...

Unusually, our cats are not too much into climbing like some are. They find interesting places to snuggle up, but at low level ... thank goodness :)

X by Leina Neima said...

Ah, cats are the best! My cats love to sleep on the highest top of the big wall cabinet.
But it looks like, he feels very pleasurably there and I feel happy to know there are lot of people who offer good life for abandoned pets.

Bee Skelton said...

Hi Leina, it's amazing how many of the people I know, are also cat people. Thanks for popping in :)