Friday, March 07, 2008

COFFEE still life oil painting Work in Progress 1

I'm trying out my new oil paints with a 6 x 6in still life on gessoed masonite hardboard. It's some time since I've painted with oils and anticipate it will take a while to readjust.

The Winsor & Newton Griffin alkyd oil paint is said to be quicker drying than normal oil paint, but not as quick as acrylic. I was hoping to be able to add layers and glazes in a single session in order to create this alla prima ... but it hasn't worked out that way. I think this will need leaving over night before I can adjust some tonal values and add detail. Interesting process though ... I shall persevere.

This cup is part of a Denby set I began to collect zillions of years ago. Sadly this cup, one bowl and a teapot lid are all I have left as a result of an earthquake shooting the whole deal out of a cupboard a couple of years ago! The ceramic hibiscus coaster is one of the type sold by the tonne here on the island of Cyprus.

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