Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I feel this portrait will probably be one of the trickiest I've attempted so far. Not just technically but emotionally also. It's so important to this little boy's Mum ... I just hope I can do it.

I'm working from a tiny blurry black and white photo taken over 30 years ago. I've scanned the photo and enlarged it to try to pick out what information I can and any further inspiration will come through prayer. As normal I've started off by loosely laying down some values to fix what goes where. The details around the lower lip are difficult to interpret so I'm waiting to hear back from Mum with some information.
After this portrait I feel the stirrings of needing a change. Hmmm .... it's that time of year when I get the yen to paint outdoors and if the breeze calms a little, I plan to head for the sea.


Barbara said...

It may be a challenge but I know you'll do it -- and I look forward to seeing the final image. Good luck! - Barbara

Bee Skelton said...

Thank you Barbara I do hope you're right.