Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Signs of spring today. Looks like we may be colonised by some house martins looking for a suitable nest building site. They're surveying the under-roofed area by the side of the kitchen. I'll take some pics if they slow down long enough. Hope they decide to stay as they are very much more welcome than one of yesterday's visitorS. H surprised a blunt-nosed viper on the drive ... actually there was more than a little shock both ways. Unfortunately it shot down a gap at the bottom of the wall and as the venom is dangerous to humans and pets, sadly we couldn't allow him to stay. Don't ask ... it was horrible!

I so enjoyed painting with the lush colours in today's abstract. This one is small format 7x9 1/2ins (18x24cms). $99 plus shipping.
Tomorrow I'm in town so will pick up a huge canvas for when I next have time to play. Back to realism on Friday.

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