Friday, May 30, 2008

Don't you just love 'em :)

It isn't just painting that makes me happy. My darling H is just one big SOFTY and I love him for it :)

Regular visitors will remember house martins began nest building at the house around the beginning of April. Wishing to lend them a hand, H built them a very posh 'mod des res' (see top left of pic), which they promptly ignored and continued with their own adjacent. We think they are first time builders, as it's a bit minimal ... more a like a verandah than a house.

Nevertheless, two lively chicks are now keeping mum and dad on the go all day, stuffing food down their necks. As a result they are growing rapidly and looking ever more vulnerable in the tiny nest.

H is so concerned that he has cobbled a 'safety net' just in case they fall out. My car with sunbed matresses taped to the roof ... not pretty but hopefully functional :)

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