Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Never wishing to do anything by halves, and in line with my recent general shake-up and change of direction, I've decided to give the same treatment to my online presence.

I've discovered Boundless Gallery, a very professional and exciting online art gallery, which I think will suit me and my kind of client very well indeed. It has many extremely interesting features; for example you can view how a painting will look in a room, even your own room! I kid you not! Go see for yourself. The site has a clean, easy to use appearance and the search functions are a dream. Best of all there are some really great artists exhibiting there.

If that wasn't enough, the nice people at Boundless Gallery have given me a website to play with. It's still at the early baby stage, but if you want to keep your eye on it you can bookmark it now and watch it develop http://beeskelton.boundlessgallery.com/

So to summarise, now you will be able to find my finished paintings for sale in two locations. Some of them will be on my Boundless Gallery website and others will be in my Etsy Shop. But nothing will be changing here: as usual I will be showing all my paintings as they progress from blank canvas and wet paint to the completed artwork.

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