Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SOMETHING TOGETHER NOTHING APART abstract figurative painting

Acrylic on unstretched canvas
18 x 17 inches
(46 x 43 cms)

$299 plus shipping

There are two ways to see this painting. The image above is how it might look when wrapped onto wooden stretcher bars and stapled round the back. The sides of the painting which are part of the composition could then be seen if displayed without frame. Which I think would look great!

21 x 20 inches
(54 x 51 cms)

The second image shows the full canvas, with 3 inches all round allowed for stretching. If it was to be displayed with a frame, then less of the canvas would need to wrap on the stretcher bars so more of the composition would be seen from the front when framed.

When two odd people were made for each other, my Grandma used to say in her broad north of England dialect that a couple were "Somat together and nowt apart".
Love you Granny Boon.


Martha Marshall said...

It's interesting seeing this image in its original form and then cropped. Both are great!

Bee Skelton said...

Thanks Martha. Working on loose flat canvas is very satisfying, but wasn't sure how to present it. Love your latest crop of small format canvases! :)