Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Fruitful New Year

Not much artwork since I returned from England. A few drawings in my sketchbook that's all. Today I had planned to paint, but I still feel in holiday mode :) So when checking out the fruit in the garden I got sidetracked. Ho hum!

The red grapefruit are juicy and great for eating fresh and hardly need added sugar, they are so sweet! In a few weeks I shall make Lemon Curd, but today I decided to tackle a few Pomelos. Pomelos are similar to huge grapefruits. Whilst delicious, my particular ones are full of pips, and so I decided to use a few of them to make marmalade. I adapted a Seville Orange Marmalade recipe by Delia Smith and fiddled with the quantities It seems to have worked OK. It's cooling in jars just now, so will need testing at breakfast tomorrow.


Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Bee
Are you bak in your home land?
Surely your not missing the English weather.
Happy New Year

Bee Skelton said...

Happy New Year Trevor! Hope you had a great Christmas. Not sorry to be missing England's cold snap just now, but it wasn't too bad while we were there. We're back on the island now and trying to get back to normal. As you can see I found a way of procrastinating above ... but the marmalade turned out to be delicious, so it was worth it! Off to check out your blog now to see what you've been upto :)