Friday, January 09, 2009

Sketching inside out

The sun continues to shine but it was too breezy to sketch outdoors today. Instead I set myself up infront of a window and picked a bit of view to add to the sketchbook. This is the old track that leads to the next village, Pyrgos, in the next valley. These days myself, my dogs and the goats are it's main users. And yes, that is the sea in the background. Maybe if the weather holds, I'll take my sketchbook down to the coast.

This evening when I've run out of daylight, I'll finish making some more fingerless mittens and start a scarflette in this gorgeous yarn.


Sigmosaics said...

the painting is incredible!! and what a fabulous view you have from your window!! all these photo's of cyprus makes me want to go there soooooo bad :)

Bee Skelton said...

Heehee! It would be great to see you any time, if you decide to come. Spring and Autumn are my favourite times ... but if you like it VERY'll prefer summer.