Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Portrait of The Portrait of Carlotta

One of the reasons I love my work so much, is that I'm never quite sure what I'll be painting next and the current project is definitely different from the norm.  

A very nice client has sprung a really unusual commission on me;  it's the first time I've been asked to paint a portrait inspired by another portrait.  Not only that, the subject is not a real person, but a character from a film;  Vertigo a 1950s film starring James Stewart alongside Kim Novak and directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

 Here is a loose painted sketch I've made to begin the process.  It's going to be a tiny piece, ACEO size 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  I'm working in acrylics on thick mount board.  Eventually I hope to add as much detail as possible, given the obvious size constraints and will update the blog with a number of 'work in progress' images as it takes shape.  Should be fun :)  

 Update:  Work in progress image 2.

 Image 2 shows progress after more layers have been added to the background.  Also I've begun work on the dress, which will be very interesting to paint and eventually I'd like to achieve the effect of shot-silk brocade fabric if possible.  A long way to go.

I've left the face, bouquet and jewellery almost untouched, as I'm leaving those elements almost to the last.  They will be such fun to paint and I like to give myself a final special treat.

 Update:  Work in progress image 3.

During this session I tried to develop the appearance of lace around the neckline with a hint of gold, and added highlights and texture to the fabric, with pretty pink roses surrounded by white lace in the bouquet.

I am looking forward to adding detail to the face and jewelry during the next session.

 Update:  Work in progress image 4.

Carlotta now has a face.

The final version of this painting can be seen HERE.

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