Monday, April 26, 2010

Becoming a better artist.

Just a brief announcement to let you know that after many years of teaching myself, I've now enrolled on a fine art course working towards a degree. The time taken to decide on a formal art education has been long;  some might say too long! 

I was all set to go to art school to study Fine Art after O Levels as a teenager, and had visions of eventually going to the Slade.  I came down to earth with a bump when  I discovered my art master had put me forward for Textile Design at the local art school.  This was not where my ambition lay, so in a fit of stubborn indignation, I left school and as a result, for a while, my life took a very different path to the one I'd dreamed up.

I hope to become a better artist, as I am stretched and accept new challenges ... time will tell.  Art and life go on. As always, I'm fascinated to see what happens next.  The content of this blog will change, not sure how, so it'll be a surprise to both of us.  Thank you for your interest in my work so far.

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