Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Sketches in house 9 & 10

This is one of the sketches I did before Christmas on my current theme of looking from one space into another.  Fibre-tipped ink pen used for speed.

Shortly after I made this drawing, H became ill and was admitted to the Intensive Care ward at the Poly Clinic with a recurring problem.  Christmas therefore wasn't as planned.  I'm relieved to report that he is now well and we are getting back to normality.

I'm now working on larger paper on one of my easels, using charcoal.  This drawing is from a slightly different viewpoint based on one I did in my A4 sketchbook a few weeks ago.

The theme of looking from one space into another continues.  I aim to do 3 more large drawings, which will then provide enough information for me to begin painting.

This process may appear convoluted and tedious, but in fact from my point of view it feels fresh and interesting.  In the past my normal process was to just roll up my sleeves and put paint to canvas.  I'm enjoying the more studious approach, involving constant and repeated observation/drawing. 

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