Friday, August 19, 2011

Painted emotions & atmosphere.

When our boys were small we often spent our summer holiday at Mousehole in Cornwall.  History is repeating itself, now one of our son's has taken his family back there again.  

After a very busy day, the boys made one last sandcastle before bedtime, on the little harbour beach just as the sun was setting.  I was emailed a photo and lapped up the happy memory.  The painterly possibilities seemed good too, as I'm currently studying expressionism and atmosphere.

I've tried to show that time of day when the light is just going, and colours and space begin to merge.  The appearance of the figures is non-specific, as is their activity.

 This painting is about remembered emotions:
Out one day, when one of my boys was tiny, I bought him a helium-filled balloon.  He was in-love with this balloon and held on to the string all the way through town and back home on the bus.  For safety's sake I offered to tie it to his wrist, but he was quite sure he would hold on tight.  OK you've guessed.  We got all the way back to the gate of our house ..... and the string slipped through his fingers.  He was so upset ... and so was I.  Strange the things you remember.


KC'sCourt! said...

I remember letting of my balloon after I tied my silver bangle to it......just to see if the weight would hold it down you understand! I was OK mum had read my mind and was prepared and luckily caught the balloon complete with bangle and was told not to do it again! I still have the said bangle.
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Bee Skelton said...

Oh Julie what a calamity! Thank goodness your Mum was a bit more switched on than I was. Big Hug Bee xxxx