Monday, December 12, 2011

Sketch book drawing of an old friend.

I must have passed this abandoned building hundreds, if not thousands of times.  For 10 years, that I know of, it's stood derelict, defiantly daubed with a For Sale sign, isolated on a considerable parcel of prime land at odds with it's newer neighbours.  While other old property and land in the area has been bought up and developed for Euro-millions, for some reason, probably complicated land title/legal issues, this alone remains neglected and ignored..... that is until I came along and fell in-love.  

Don't go getting excited, I haven't come into a fortune, and won't be putting in a bid.  But just in case someone does, I intend capturing this brave little outpost of old Cyprus for posterity, in all it's decaying gorgeousness, before  developers or weather finish it off.  I'd really like to make a series of studies.  With any luck it'll lead to a painting worthy of it.


KC'sCourt! said...

I wonder who once lived there.....?
Julie xxxxxxx

Bee Skelton said...

It may have been a dwelling, or possibly a shop of some kind. If I get the opportunity I'll try to do a little research.