Saturday, May 19, 2012

Artist ... not at work!

I'm procrastinating... I know I am.  I've completed my current course with the OCA and the resultant stack of work is in the studio waiting to be organised; mounted, labelled, collated, cross referenced,  blah di blahed then packed and  shipped so college assessors can give their formal verdicts.  

Making the work was pure enjoyment ... but this end of the process is just plain stressful.  My tutor has seen everything; given her detailed and very helpful reports, but now it's upto me to choose what to send ... & who knows what the uni bods will make of it.  So I switched off .... went to the village, bought salad & vegetables ....  took a walk around the garden.

I'm hoping soon we'll be pretty much self-sufficient in the salad and veg department.  Here's one batch of young plants I've grown from seed;  dwarf beans, cucumber, cut & come again green/red lettuce, tomato, rocket.  I've been sowing every week or so in the hope that harvesting will be spread out.  Experimenting too, by growing some in pots and some in the ground.  It'll be interesting to see which do best.  Also on the go are carrots, brussel sprouts, garlic and lots of flowers.  Oh and I've sent off for some broccoli seeds and other stuff.

In previous years, seeds got locally were a total disaster.  This year I bought from Franchi Seeds in England and the difference is amazing!  Not only do an extremely high percentage germinate, but the seedlings are also sturdy and generally healthier than I've had before.

The garden's looking good; Lanterna bush at the bottom of the drive looks as if it's on fire;  the colours are so vibrant.  My favourite Jacaranda tree is beautiful too;  it's warm blue flowers competing with the blue of the sky.
 Some brutally heavy pruning by a friend of H seems ultimately to have done no harm to the vine.  It's full of baby bunches of fruit.... looks like it's going to be a good year for sweet green grapes.
 OK done shopping, walked garden, taken pics, blogged 'em ........... suppose I'm just going to have to go sort that portfolio.   Erm .... think I might have a coffee first.  ...... mmmmm..... yes, that's a good idea...... and then I really should check my emails .... tweet ..... check out the faces on FB ....... Ok, alright, I'm going!  

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