Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blue Mood - Abstract modern expressionist acrylic painting

Abstract 16.5 x 22 in by Bee Skelton
A blue and white abstract painting with a murmur of red. Thickly textured in acrylics with inks on canvas paper.  Size 16.5 x 22 inches (42 x 56 cm) 
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It feels strange that my family and friends are celebrating Easter, while here in Cyprus it will be several weeks before it's our turn to have Orthodox Easter.  So whilst others are occupied with fluffy bunnies and chocolate eggs, I'm in the studio working on a happy baby portrait and further abstracts in the white series.


KC'sCourt! said...

Oh how I wish I could paint! That is one medium I have never managed to master! Although I did inherit my mothers watercolour paintbox which was given to her when she was six in 1939. I think I love my embroidery too much LOL!
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Bee Skelton said...

I find it confusing that watercolour paintboxes and tiny brushes were given to young children ... it's such a difficult medium. Doesn't surprise me that some kids gave up on the idea of spreading paint around at an early age. Big tubs of the stuff and fingers so much more fun! Lovely keepsake for you though Julie :)