Saturday, November 30, 2013

A drawing featuring a drawing by a child 2

Drawing featuring a drawing by a child 2
Children normally use bright colours in their drawings, mainly I think because generally felt tipped pens and crayons in primary colours are what they are given by the adults.  I'm using tone only for this series of studies;  pencils ranging from H2 to B8 and graphite sticks.  I am also drawing the subject in the context I find the original drawing.  In this case Ben's drawing was displayed on a kitchen cupboard.  Kitchens worldwide must be crammed with masterpieces like this.

In studying the drawing I tried to concentrate on his mark making and did my best to reproduce it.  In doing so I began a little to get a feeling for how his hand and eye had worked.  I'll have to do a lot more before I get the hang of it.

I feel there's something interesting in the contrast between the attempted child art mark making in this drawing and the background made by the older supposedly more sophisticated hand and eye.  The one is lively, gestural and uninhibited and the other is flat and boring.  Brought together these elements are making for a fascinating project.  Looking forward to doing more!

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