Monday, November 03, 2014

Bird art - Goldfinch

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Mixed media painting of a goldfinch.

Living way out in the countryside has lots of advantages.  The one I love most is the way our garden and the surrounding fields attract so much wildlife, particularly birds.  I'd never seen a goldfinch until I lived here.  They love to eat the fluffy seeds from the tops of thistles bordering the sheeps field.  At this time of year, they've just about finished off all that's available.  I wonder what they'll eat until the fresh thistle crop grows next year?

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harry bell said...

Don't wonder - provide a substitute. I get regular visits from goldfinches here in urban Gateshead just by putting out bird feeders. They're particularly fond of sunflower hearts.

Bee Skelton said...

Hi Harry, so good to hear from you again! :) It's been a while for both of us. I must admit these goldfinches are a puzzle. We currently have 9 bird feeders of different types hanging from several trees in the garden and we put some food at ground level. Loose sunflower seeds are part of some of the mixes. But for some reason we've only seen goldfinches feeding on the thistle heads at the edge of the field outside the kitchen window. May be if we got some sunflower seed heads they would pay us more attention. Really grateful for your advice and would welcome any other thoughts you might have. Just off to visit your blog for a nosy!

harry bell said...

Well, it may be that they really prefer thistle seeds to anything else. When the thistle supply is gone they may turn to whatever you give them. Of course, you can buy thistle seeds too.

You'll find that BOOGIE STREET is a bit thin on posts. I've had a trying couple of years with eye operations and still being in the process of moving. On a brighter note, I got married last month, but that didn't help with working on paintings either!

Bee Skelton said...

Congratulations Harry to you and your wife! That's such good news. Combination of art and 'back-burner' totally understandable. Really sorry about your eye problems. Every artists potential nightmare. Hope things are improving. Purely coincidentally today a friend send me the BBC New Mag thing about Sargy Mann. Totally amazing!