Sunday, January 18, 2015


Well into the new year now and deep in winter weather here in middle England.  The studio is too cold and I'm moving to the warmer kitchen table to work, which means I need to work smaller than usual.  Coincides nicely because I've just become fascinated with ACEOs again.  Not something I've done for many years.

What is an ACEO?  The term is an acronym for Art Cards Edition or Original and they measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches (65 x 90 mm) They are wonderful because they are a means of collecting original works of art at an affordable price. A gorgeous burst of colour to cheer the dull days which won't burst the bank.

Dull day, doesn't quite cover it here just now.  Rain one day, high winds the next.  Today it's freezing!  No snow yet, but just a matter of time I think. Warm hats weather.  The summer sun-hat is in cold store for a while, but I can look forward to warmer days by painting it.  Click here for more information about my little ACEO collection.

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