Monday, April 27, 2020

Let Art be your Escape from Lockdown cont'd - 3

In this third post in my arty escape from lockdown series, we get busy with paint on your chosen surface.  Remember you only need a few colours and virtually any surface to paint on (See first blog post for suggested list of materials).

 Refer to your doodle sketches (see second blog post). Using a large damp brush and whatever colours you like, loosely lay down the background to simply describe the location for your picture.  Imagine it's a stage before the actors arrive.  Some acrylic colours are translucent, but if you add a little white, they become opaque.

Word of caution, when using acrylic paint take care not to get it on clothing.  Lay protection on furnishings etc., because when dry it will NOT wash off.  It is plastic and when dry becomes waterproof.  Clean brushes thoroughly in your water pot, or with a baby wipe when not in use.  They will be ruined if allowed to dry.

When your background is dry you can paint over it adding other features and people.  I used a small damp brush and black paint.  You'll notice my painting is beginning to change compared with my previous pencil sketches.  Allow yourself to change your mind.  Move things around, take things out.  Leave gaps to fill in later, like I did in the bottom left corner.  Acrylic paint allows you to paint over as many times as you like.  So relax.

When comfortable with the composition, begin colouring-in adding layers to describe the people and place.  Don't fret about detail.  Colours don't need to be accurate.  Sky doesn't have to be blue, nor grass green.  Trees can be purple....why not!  There's no painting policeman standing over you with a big stick saying what's right or wrong's your painting go for it!!!

Close your eyes and think about the people.  Who mows the lawn, plays football, loves cats, takes photos, cooks BBQ, wears sunglasses on top of their head, loves to sunbathe?  Lots of ways to bring life to your characters.  If something doesn't feel right, just paint over it.  Above all paint what makes you feel happy.  

You're welcome to ask questions, comment or contact me.

Happy Painting!  Hugs Bee xxx

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